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Turned Wooden Bowls

Ash bowls detail
I can make bowls to any size or shape, from any variety of timbers. This page shows a selection of the most popular shapes that I make and a short description.

The turned wooden bowl has been used for centuries as a functional item from which to eat and to store food produce in. This has changed with the advent of mass produced, cheap pottery plates, bowls,  jugs etc.

Today people are once again beginning to appreciate hand crafted items, both for decoration and every day use.

I can make bowls in any of these shapes or to your own design, in any size and any type of timber. Please remember that stocks and supplies of timber may vary so do check before ordering.

Oak bowlQuarter- Sawn English Oak Bowl

This in-curving shape is one of my favourites and a foot on the base gives the bowl extra stability and a small amount of 'lift' off of the surface

Ash bowl                                   

Olive Ash Bowl

This simple shape is ideal as a fruit bowl or just as a way of showing off the beautiful figure in the Olive Ash

Maple bowl with band
Maple Banded Bowl

This small Maple bowl has a decorative band and is turned to an even 3mm wall thickness all round

Large beech bowlsBeech Platters

These platters, or wide flat bowls, were a production job for another turner who intended to decorated the rims to make a feature of them. these are seen unfinished so look a little dull but will look stunning under an oil finish

Segmented bowlOak Bowl with Segmented Ring

This bowl was commissioned as part of a series of articles for the Woodturning Magazine. It is turned in Oak and features a segmented ring of Walnut and Maple

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