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Woodturning demonstrations by Richard Findley

How it all began

I started The Turner's Workshop in 2006 with the aim of selling my woodturning work, which can be viewed throughout this website.

Richard Findley DemonstratingI have been involved in Woodturning, general Woodwork and Joinery for a number of years but in 2005 I joined the Tudor Rose Woodturners and discovered a wider world of woodturning than that of my workshop.

I was asked by the club secretary if I would be willing to do a demonstration on a club night at short notice, as they'd had a cancellation; I agreed and the rest is, as they say, history.

I am now a well established name on the demonstration circuit and demonstrate to woodturning clubs around the country. I have also demonstrated at several major woodturning events worldwide, including the AWGB Seminar, the Irish Woodturner's Guild Seminar in Sligo and the American Association of Woodturners Symposium in both Phoenix and Atlanta.

RPT LogoIn 2010 I was accepted on to the Register of Professional Turners, an organisation that aims to promote Woodturning and maintain the standards of it's members by initially assessing potential members and by receiving feedback from people that have come into contact with members via feedback forms sent to the Secretary of the Register.

I usually bring along a selection of items as shown on the Woodturning Supplies page for sale and I am happy to bring along specific items by request.

I feel it is worth noting that I am fully insured when demonstrating

During my Woodturning Demonstrations I have covered subjects including:

  • Fruit
  • Basic bowls
  • Bowls with decoration such as texture/colour/inlays
  • Spindle turning
  • Skew chisel work
  • Finishing
  • Hand cut barley twists
  • Walking sticks (long thin turning)
  • Fun & Games - spinning top and puzzle bowl
  • Using a router on a lathe
  • Turning and finishing for furniture restoration
  • Table lamp

Although I try to cover all aspects relating to the piece I am demonstrating, demo's can be altered to suit the audience, so if your club has a large amount of beginners then the focus can be more on the basics, but if your club has a more experienced membership, I can try to include more advanced techniques. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements. 

My prices for 2019 demo's will be:
  • Evening Demonstration 150 + 45p per mile (starting in Leicester)
  • All Day Demonstration 270 + 45p per mile (starting in Leicester)

Please note: My diary for 2018 is now full, and bookings for 2019 are filling quickly!

Book early to avoid dissapointment!

Demonstrations for 2018

Tudor Rose Woodturners
Thursday 25th January

Axminster - Cardiff Store
Saturday 24th February

Fenland Woodturners
Wednesday 28th February

Jorvick Woodturners
Friday 2nd March

Northumbria Woodturners
Saturday 10th March

Avon & Bristol Woodturners
Thursday 15th March

Huddersfield Woodturners
Thursday 12th April

Turners Retreat
Saturday 21st April

Wolds Woodturners
Tuesday 24th April

Utah Woodturning Symposium
Thursday 10th - Saturday 12th May

Sandon Woodturners
Saturday 9th June

Trent Valley Woodturners
Wednesday 13th June

Red Rose Woodturners
Monday 18th June

Ryedale Woodturners
Thursday 5th July

Sheffield Woodturners
Thursday 9th August

Kent Woodturners
Saturday 18th August

East Yorkshire Woodturners
Tuesday 21st August

West Oxon Woodturners
Tuesday 4th September

Axminster - Sittingbourne Store
Saturday 15th September

Linolnshire Association of Woodturners
Tuesday 18th September

Diss Woodturners
Friday 28th September

Norwich Woodturners
Saturday 29th September

High Peak Woodturners
Friday 5th October

Waveney & District Woodturners
Thursday 11th October

Dukeries Woodturners
Wednesday 24th October

Demonstrations for 2019

Tudor Rose
Thursday 24th January

Cannock Chase Wodturners
Wednesday 13th February

Staffordshire & South Cheshire Woodturners Association (SSCWA)
Thursday 14th March

Surrey Association of Woodturners
Friday 10th May

Orchard Woodturners
Saturday 11th May

Derwent Woodturners
Wednesday 15th May

West Riding Woodturners
Tuesday 4th June

Sandon Woodturners
Saturday 15th June

Bury St Edmunds
Monday 8th July

Erewash Valley Woodturners
Wednesday 14th August

East Yorkshire Woodturners
Tuesday 20th August

Gwynedd Woodturners
Saturday 7th September

Woodbury Woodturners
Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th September

Trafford Woodturners
Tuesday 1st October

Garden of England Woodturners
Saturday 5th October

East Surrey Woodturners
Saturday 19th October

West Sussex Woodturners
Sunday 3rd November

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