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Wadkin RS 8 Wood lathe

The lathe that I use to produce all of my work is a 1950 Wadkin RS 8, it has fantastic capacities which allows me to undertake most jobs, big or small.

At work on the Wadkin
  • 5ft 7" (1700mm) between centres
  • Turn a spindle of 13" (330mm) diameter
  • Bowl turning capacity of up to 28" (710mm) in the removable gap

Originally designed as a pattern makers lathe, the RS lathes were built from the 1930s until the mid 1970s by Wadkin of Leicester.

Weighing in at 865 kg (1905 lb) it was designed and built to handle even the largest and heaviest of work but is equally capable of turning the smallest of work too because of it's build quality and excellent speed range.

This lathe has a 1 1/2 horse power, 3 phase motor and is driven by a 2" wide leather belt which transfers that power to the spindle. There are 4 pulley positions and the motor has 2 speeds, giving a choice of 8 speed settings.

Wadkin RS8 with sliding carriage
Because it was designed for pattern work, it was supplied with a rack driven sliding carriage assembly that runs along a track on the front of the lathe allowing very accurate cuts to be taken if exact size is critical, along with a free standing tool rest which allows you to turn large diameter work outboard.

To learn more about the Wadkin lathes and other machinery you can download the following documents:

Wadkin RS8 Woodturning Lathe

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