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I stock a range of woodturner's supplies and sundries including abrasive and finishes. All of the items shown here are items tried, tested and actually used by myself to produce the turned goods seen throughout the website. I don't sell any products that I wouldn't recommend or use myself.PayPal logo

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Chestnut Finishes,
Chestnut are one of the leading brands for woodturning and woodworking finishes. I regularly use them myself in the workshop and so have practical knowledge of how best to use them to get the best from them.  All Chestnut finishes are supplied in 500ml cans unless otherwise stated.

The range of Chestnut Products currently in stock

Treatex Ultra 200ml bottlesTreatex Ultra Hardwax Oil - 200ml 8.00

Container size
A natural mix of oils and waxes which produces a beautiful and hard wearing satin finish. Certified as food safe and safe for toys. Easy to apply and my personal favourite finish. The exclusive 200ml bottle is perfect for small users like woodturners, the 1 litre tin is ideal for bigger areas such as kitchen worktops. I use the dome buffing brush to bring it to a deeper, more lustrous finish. Available for worldwide shipping, please email for details.

Chestnut Hard Wax OilChestnut Hard Wax Oil 13.50
 Chestnut hard wax oil combines oils and waxes to leave a very hard wearing glossy finish. Easy to apply and hard wearing, just wipe on and off again with a paper towel. Can be thinned with white spirit if needed.

Chestnut Finishing OilFinishing Oil - 9.50
Finishing oil is a traditional favorite oil finish for woodworkers and woodturners. Thinner than the more modern hardwax oils, this deeply penetrates and protects wood and can be used for outdoor woodwork too. Gloss levels build with each coat and further shine can be added with a layer of wax.

Lemon OilLemon Oil - 10.00

Lemon oil is made with lemon grass oil, giving it it's distinctive citrus aroma. It offers a water resistant finish and has all of the same advantages of any oil finish. Unlike the Finishing oil, Lemon oil is matt and it's scent makes it perfect for finishing inside drawers and boxes.

Chestnut Food Safe FinishFood Safe Finish - 9.50

Used on all items designed to come into contact with food such as chopping boards and eating bowls. 2 or 3 coats liberally applied and wiped off with a clean cloth leaves a satin finish for your kitchenware.

Chestnut WoodWax 22WoodWax 22 (Clear) - 9.50

Best applied with a NyWeb Pad, (I keep a small piece in the tin at all times) and is the perfect finishing touch to oil, lacquer or sanding sealer finishes. Supplied in a 450ml tin.

Microcrysalline WaxMicrocrystalline Wax - 10.50
This paste wax uses a Microcrystalline formula to achieve a hard wearing and water repellent finish. Because of the higher melting point of this type of wax, it is ideal for items that will be handled a lot. Supplied in a 225ml tin, a little goes a long way!  

Chestnut Melamine LacquerMelamine Lacquer - 11.00

The best finish to achieve a quick and easy but hard wearing gloss finish on small items such as fruit and pens. Can be thinned slightly with Cellulose Thinners for better penetration. Cures fully over a long period but is touch dry almost immediately. Compatible with wax for an extra level of shine.

Cellulose Sanding SealerCellulose Sanding Sealer - 10.00
An ideal base for sealing timber before applying finishes such as lacquer or paint. Can also be used as a finish in its own right or with wax, leaving a slightly more matt surface than Melamine Lacquer. Can be thinned with Cellulose Thinners.

Chestnut Cellulose ThinnersCellulose Thinners - 9.00

Used to thin Melamine Lacquer and Sanding Sealer. (I find up to a maximum 30% thinners is best) A pure Cellulose product without any recycled materials or harmful petroleum solvents such as Toluene or Xylene.

Ebonising LacquerEbonising Lacquer - 7.
A simple to use aerosol lacquer which gives a beautiful black finish for feature areas on turned items such as bowls. Quick drying acrylic based lacquer is hard wearing and suitable for most timbers. Can be used on its own or in conjunction with an Acrylic Lacquer and/or wax to add sheen. (400ml Aerosol).

Arcrylic Lacquer - AerosolAcrylic Lacquer - Satin or Gloss - 7.50
Select sheen level
These increasingly popular aerosol lacquer finishes are easy to apply, quick drying and hard wearing. Acrylic lacquers are known for leaving a hard wearing finish with minimal effect to the timber's natural colour. My preferred choice when I need a lacquer finish (400ml Aerosol). 

Acrylic sanding sealer - aerosolAcrylic Sanding Sealer - 7.50
Sanding sealer in an aerosol can is perfect for preparing the timber for almost any other lacquer finish or wax. Easy to apply, quick drying clear base coat, seals and prepares the surface for your chosen finish. I also use it to stiffen difficult fibres when bowl turning to help achieve a silky smooth surface from the gouge (400ml Aerosol).

AeroGunChestnut Products AeroGun - 6.00
The new AeroGun fits onto any aerosol spray can (spray can not included) and turns a spray can into a spray gun, making it far easier and more comfortable to use for a single job or larger spray run. Fits any of the Chestnut cans (and most types of spray can) and can be used and re-used time and time again, needing no cleaning like a conventional spray gun.    

Chestnut Nyweb Abrasive PadsNyWeb Pads - 1.25 each or 12.00 for 10
Nyweb options
A very fine abrasive pad and an excellent (and safer) alternative to 0000 steel wool. Excellent for applying oils and waxes and cutting back between coats. Very flexible and can be easily cut down, washed out and re-used.

Can be supplied in a mixed pack of 5 red and 5 yellow for the same 12.00 price

I use and recommend the Rhyno-Grip Plusline abrasiveIs your abrasive this flexible?  
  • Velcro backed
  • Aluminium oxide abrasive
  • Anti-clog lubrication
  • Excellent flexibility (the image to the right shows the flexibility of the 80 grit!)
  • Fast, efficient and cool sanding
  • 80, 120, 180, 240, 320 & 400 grits in stock
  • Easy to cut your own sanding discs
  • 115mm / 4" wide

Rhyno-Grip Plusline AbrasiveAvailable in:

Mixed Abrasive Packs - 8.00
Includes m of each grit -
80g, 120g, 180g, 240g, 320g, 400g

1m Rolls - 2.75 per metre 5m Rolls - 12.50 (2.50 per metre) 10m Rolls - 22.50 (2.25 per metre)
Abrasive by the metre
5m Rolls
10m Rolls
'Redline' fine abrasives - Available in 600g, 800g, & 1200g - 100mm / 4" wide

Mixed pack - 4.00
Includes m of each grit - 600g, 800g, 1200g

1m Rolls - 2.25 per metre 5m Rolls - 10.95 (2.15 per metre) 10m Rolls - 19.50 (1.95 per metre)

Fine abrasive by the metre

Fine abrasive 5m rolls

Fine abrasive 10m rolls

** Mixed Abrasive Special Offer **
Buy both mixed abrasive packs, 1/2m 80 grit to 1200 grit for 11.00


"Hope" Sanding Arbors,

These professional quality sanding arbors have been designed to work with any velcro backed abrasive such as the Rhyno-Grip Plusline and feature a medium density foam pad and replaceable softer pad, included in the price! They are fitted with a stainless steel shaft designed to fit all drills and drill-driver tools.
Designed by a turner for turners, they are meant to stand up to the every day treatment of a bowl turner.  A unique feature of these pads is that they are made slightly undersize so the abrasive overlaps and protects the edges of the pad.

Sanding Arbor50mm Power Sanding Arbors - 8.50
75mmPower Sanding Arbors - 11.50
Select pad size

Soft Interface PadsInterface Pad 50mm - 2.50 Interface Pad 75mm - 3.50 
Select pad size
The "Hope" sanding arbors come with a replaceable pad as standard but when they become worn you can easily and cheaply replace this pad without buying a whole new arbor.

Soft Interface PadSoft Interface Pad 50mm - 2.50 Soft Interface Pad 75mm - 3.50
Select pad size
As an addition to the standard arbor and interface pad, these soft pads offer far more flex when power sanding, allowing better access and better results when sanding inside of bowls and around tight curves.

Hope calipers in use
Hope 10" Caliper - 30
A strange looking set of calipers, but like all Hope products, is designed by a woodturner for woodturners. These calipers are in frequent use in my workshop. The unique design ensures ease of use and the laser etched scale makes turning an even wall thickness a breeze.

Chestnut dome buffing brushChestnut Dome Buffing Brush - 30
Buffing brushes have long been used to bring wax polish up to a shine and work it into the wood. I use this buffing brush on my lathe in conjunction with Treatex hardwax oil, which has a wax content. After 3 coats of oil are dry on the work, I take it to the buffing brush on the lathe a gently brush over the work at around 950rpm. This evens out the finish and adds a beautiful depth and lustre to it. Can be mounted on the Chestnut buffing system or directly into a chuck or drill chuck.

D3 Wood Glue  - 5.00
Resin based wood glue supplied in a 500ml bottle. Ideal for all types of wood to wood joints. White glue dries clear and is easy to clean up with water. Rated to D3 - suitable for internal and exterior woodwork and waterproof when dry.

Duplicating fingers in actionDuplicating Fingers - Set of 5 65
Number of fingers
Duplicating fingers are ideal for production turners and those that make batches of identical work, reducing the need for calipers and other measuring devices, helping to speed up the process and increase levels of accuracy. Available singley or in sets of 5 or 10. Click here to see one of my Instagram posts about how I set them up and use them. 

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