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All of my work is bespoke and made to commission, either from drawings, sketches and sometimes photographs, or from a physical sample of an original item. I have produced work for high end brands, country houses, valuable antiques and to meet an individual customer's requirements.
Below are examples of how my work is used. Please feel free to contact me about your project.

Softwood porch with turned posts
Architectural & Joinery

Whether internal or external, turned details can be the finishing touch to any project. Often exterior details can be found rotten and need replacing over time, interior turnings such as stair spindles can get damaged through wear and accidental damage. In either case I can turn replacement items, just like the porch posts shown in the picture here. These softwood porch posts (two full and two half posts) replaced the rotten originals and were made from photos and measurements and installed by the customer. 

Hand carved Oak barley twist spindlesBarley twists

Today, modern copy lathes can produce various twisted details within certain parameters, but when a specific size, shape and pitch pattern is required to match  traditionally made twists, then hand carved is the only option. I have built a reputation around being able to produce the highest quality replicas of original work. The eight Oak stair spindles shown here were made to match the original darker spindle, and installed by my customer.

Tulip table legs
Turning for Furniture

While mass produced furniture parts are cheaply available, hand turned bespoke components such as these Tulip table legs can be made in any timber to suit any style. I can base designs on existing components, work to a design from a picture or online source or I can work with you to form new custom items. From table legs to drawer pulls, finials to chair parts, any turned furniture component can be produced or reproduced.

Mahogany knobs with thread fittingRestoration

I am able to turn, colour match and polish components which might be missing or damaged from much loved pieces of furniture and antiques, like these Mahogany drawer pulls which feature a hand cut screw thread fitting. The original broken knob is shown to the left.

Cricket trophy for Women's Ashes team
Trophies & Awards

I have made many custom trophies and awards, from simple back boards for plaques to turned bases and base extensions for existing trophies that have ran out of space for name plates.  The trophy shown here was given to the Ashes winning England ladies cricket team in 2005.

Rowan bowl

Usually I make bowls from seasoned timber, but this can limit the sizes available. The bowl shown here was made from a customer's own log of Rowan, taken down from their property. I rough turned it and allowed it to dry slowly before finishing it fully. This can be a hit-and-miss process but can produce wonderful results. Best when trees are cut in the autumn.

Beer bottles turned form Sapele
Unique Commissions

I am often asked to make things that can't be categorised, such as these Sapele beer bottles, but I am happy to undertake any weird or wonderful project that you can imagine.


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