Interactive Remote Demos

Interactive Remote Demos are becoming increasingly popular, especially with recent worldwide lockdown restrictions due to Covid-19. Remote demos allow me to demonstrate, just as I would at your local club, but using video calling technology such as Zoom. I can now offer these demos to clubs and groups of individuals.

I have invested considerable amounts of time and resources to give the very best viewing experience, including a powerful streaming computer, multiple 1080P HD cameras, high-speed internet, a noise-cancelling microphone and improved lighting over the lathe. All of this, along with high production values, means you can sit back and relax in your favourite armchair at home and enjoy my demo as it is beamed to you in the comfort of your own house!

I can offer my usual wide range of demos, including:

  • Spindle turning Masterclass – including production turning techniques, skew chisel work and various tips to improve your turning – can also include routing on the lathe or hand-cut barley twists
  • Bowl turning Masterclass – including chucking, bowl gouge use, different tool grinds and finishing
  • Sharpening Masterclass – Looking at each tool I use and how I sharpen them freehand on the grinder
  • Table lamp project – Including spindle and faceplate work along with long hole boring techniques
  • Box with insert project – box turning techniques with pewter casting and turning with standard woodturning tools


For clubs, I offer ‘evening demo’ style projects which run for approximately 2+ hours, with plenty of time for a Q&A session and discussion at the end. For a club, this will be £230. Please contact me to discuss demo content and timings.

From time to time I will offer Masterclasses which I will advertise here and on my Instagram account. These can be booked by individuals and paid for using PayPal. Keep checking back for updates!



What do I need to watch a remote demo?

To get the best from the experience, good internet connection speeds are key. Zoom recommends a minimum of 2mbps, but in reality, a minimum of 6mbps will give better results. Basically, the faster your internet speed, the better. You can check by using an online internet speed checker.

You will need some sort of computer, laptop or tablet to view the demo, ideally with a webcam so you can really feel like you are in the room and fully join in with the conversation.

You will also need to download Zoom, which is a free and straightforward process. There is an excellent ‘How to’  guide about downloading and using Zoom on the AWGB website.